Parents & Tots

Puppet PlayParents & Tots class is an opportunity for young children and their parents or caregivers to come together once a week in a warm and nurturing environment. Parents & Tots is not your traditional playgroup, where the parents sit and talk with occasional interruptions from their children. It is a structured experience which provides time for multiple levels of interaction between the parents and the children.

The Parents & Tots teacher leads the class in a circle of seasonal games and songs, and brings storytelling through puppetry. Other activities include free play with imagination-inspiring Waldorf toys, and, for the parents, observation of children in a social group of peers. An appreciation of the child’s natural capacity for imaginative play and the world of nature set a mood of wonder, reverence, and enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. Parents and caregivers actively engage in the “work” for the classroom – helping to prepare the delicious, organic morning snack, and making seasonal crafts.

The Parents and Tots program is open to children 16 months to three years old and their parents or caregivers.

There is growing evidence that the healthy development of our very young is being compromised by a constellation of many factors, including complex and rushed life-styles, inappropriate technology, and the drive toward intellectual-cognitive early learning.

Waldorf Parent & Tot groups are based on a spiritual understanding of the young child. This perspective helps us to see more clearly what is naturally healthy for young children.

Very young children today are faced with many challenging cultural influences. Over-stimulation, inappropriate technology, unstable life-styles, the pressures of early intellectual learning, to name but a few. Because the Waldorf approach is based on a profound understanding of child development, it can help parents experience and understand normal and healthy environmental influences on their young child. The Waldorf approach empowers and ensouls.

Living with babies and toddlers can be wonderful, but we can also find it lonely, isolating, challenging, and very tiring; so just what is available today that nurtures not only us as individuals, but our children and families too? It is contact with others, talking, sharing, belonging, meeting together in a space which is both caring and inspiring.

Within Waldorf Parent & Tot groups, support is given to parents in the first years of creating a family. There are opportunities for parents to gain new understanding and security of their own abilities and the abilities of their children. To build friendships with others who are like minded, to inspire their parenting, explore questions, and develop the confidence to find answers in discussion with others. Babies and toddlers begin to explore their world and each other in an environment which is specially created to provide nourishment for their senses.