The enrollment period for current Bean Sprout families runs through February 29, 2016. Current families who do not submit their application by February 29, 2016 are not guaranteed a spot.

After that time there is open enrollment for any vacant spots. At this time there are still a couple of spots available.

Bean Sprout Playgarden consciously builds a strong foundation during the early childhood years for the later intellectual growth of the child, but avoids the actual teaching of academic subjects at this time. The purposeful activities provide the first steps in the evolution of the cognitive, social, and emotional processes that continue in the academic work of the elementary school.

The Early Childhood faculty builds this foundation by filling the day with carefully crafted and artfully executed activities. Nature walks, and healthy outdoor play build physical strength, agility, and grace. Other purposeful activities include watercolor painting, drawing, handcrafts, beeswax modeling, and baking. Imaginative play, poems, stories, puppetry, music, and circle games all open the youngster to the wonders of creativity.

The rhythmic repetition of these activities strengthens and nourishes the children, imbuing them with a sense of order and harmony.

The Playgarden program is open to children who will be 3 by September through the age of 5.  Classes will be from 8:30 to 11:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.